Policy Papers

S.No. Title Author Year Download
1. Trade and Investment Policy for Overseas Acquisition of Fertilizers and Raw Material
NIAP Policy Paper No.37.

Subash S P, Abimanyu Jhajhria, Suresh Pal2020
2. Potential, Adoptation and impact of Micro Irrigation in Indian Agriculture
NIAP Policy Paper No.36.

Subhash Chand, Prabhat kishore, Sant Kumar, S K Srivastava2020
3. Impact of Climate Change on Agriculture in India: Assessment for Agro Climatic Zone
NIAP Policy Paper No.35.

Naveen P Singh, Bhawna Anand, Surender Singh2020
4. Market Intelligence in India.
NIAP Policy Paper No.34.

Raka Saxena, Ranjit Kumar Paul, Pavithra S,Naveen P Singh, Rohit Kumar2019
5. Understanding the Recurring Onion Price Shocks
NIAP Policy Paper No.33.

Raka Saxena, Ramesh Chand 2017
6. Mainstreaming Climate Change Adaptation into Development Planning
NIAP Policy Paper No.32.

Naveen P Singh, Arathy Ashok, Pavithra S, Balaji S J, Bhawna Anand, Mohd Arshad Khan 2017
7. Strategy for Doubling Income of Farmers in India
NIAP Policy Paper No.31.

Raka Saxena, Naveen P Singh, Balaji S J, Usha R Ahuja,Deepika Joshi2017
8. Enhancing Farmers’ Income: Who to Target and How?
NIAP Policy Paper No.30.

Pratap S. Birthal, Digvijay S. Negi, Devesh Roy2017
9. The Impact of Information on Returns from Farming
NIAP Policy Paper No.29.

Pratap S. Birthal, Shiv Kumar, Digvijay S. Negi, Devesh Roy2015
10. Commodity Outlook on Major Cereals in India,
NIAP Policy Paper No.28.

P. Shinoj, Anjani kumar, Shiv kumar, Rajni jain2014
11. Biofuels in India: Potential, Policy and Emerging Paradigms
NIAP Policy Paper No.27.
S S Raju, Shinoj Parappurathu, Ramesh Chand, P k Joshi, Praduman Kumar, Siwa Msangi2012
12. Instability and Regional Variation in Indian Agriculture
NIAP Policy Paper No.26.

Ramesh Chand, S S Raju, Sanjeev Garg, Lal Mani Pandey2011
12. Total Factor Productivity and Contribution of Research Investment to Agricultural Growth in India
NIAP Policy Paper No.25.

Ramesh Chand, Praduman Kumar, Sant Kumar2011
12. India’s Livestock Sector Trade,Opportunities And Challenges
NIAP Policy Paper No.24.

Anjani kumar2009
13. Research Resource Allocation in Indian Agriculture
NIAP Policy Paper No.23.

Dayanatha Jha,Sant Kumar2006
14. Changing Pattern of Rice Production Systems and Technology in Assam
NIAP Policy Paper No.22.

Bhowmick,B.C., B.C. Barah, Sushil Pandey and N. Barthakur2005
15. Demand and Supply Projections for Livestock Products in India
NIAP Policy Paper No.21.

16. Agricultural Research Priorities for South Asia
NIAP Policy Paper No.20.

Mruthyunjaya,Pal, Suresh,Saxena,Raka2003
16. Government Intervention in Foodgrain Markets in the New Context
NIAP Policy Paper No.19.

17. Economic Potential of Biological Substitutes for Agrochemicals
NIAP Policy Paper No.18.

Birthal,P. S.2003
18. Agricultural-based Interventions for Sustainable Nutritional Security
NIAP Policy Paper No.17.

Adhiguru,P. and C. Ramasamy2003
19. The Funding and Organization of Agricultural Research in India: Evolution and Emerging Policy Issues
NIAP Policy Paper No.16.

Pal,Suresh and Derek Byerlee2003
20. Assessment of Research Priorities for Livestock Sector in India
NIAP Policy Paper No.15.

Birthal,Pratap S., P.K.Joshi and Anjani Kumar2002
21. Irrigation Development and Equity Impacts in India
NIAP Policy Paper No.14.

Selvarajan,S., A. Ravi Shankar and P. A. Lakshmi Prasannna2001
22. Impact of Tenancy Reforms on Productivity Improvement and Socio-Economic Status of Poor Tenants
NIAP Policy Paper No.13.

23. Public-Private Interface and Information Flow in the Rice-Seed System of Andhra Pradesh (India)
NIAP Policy Paper No.12.

Pal,Suresh, Robert Tripp, and A. Janiah2000
24. Emerging Trends and Regional Variations in Agricultural Investments and their Implications for Growth and Equity
NIAP Policy Paper No.11.

25. Privatising Agricultural Extension in India
NIAP Policy Paper No.10

Sulaiman V.,Rasheed and V. V.Sadmate2000
26. Sources of Growth in the Livestock Sector
NIAP Policy Paper No.9

Birthal,P. S., Anjani Kumar, A.Ravishankar and U.K.Pandey1999
27. Improving The Effectiveness of Agricultural Research and Extension in India:An Analysis of Institutional and Socio-Economic Issues in Rainfed Areas
NIAP Policy Paper No.8.

Farrington,John, Rasheed Sulaiman. V and Suresh Pal1998
28. Agricultural Research and Extension in India: Institutional Structure and Investments
NIAP Policy Paper No.7

Pal,Suresh and Alka Singh1997
29. Import Liberalization and Indian Agriculture - The Challenge and Strategy
NIAP Policy Paper No.6

30. Small Farms,Employment and Surplus Generation - A Case of West Bengal
NIAP Policy Paper No.5

Maji,C.C., T. Haque and A. Bhattacharya 1995
31. GATT and Agricultural Exports - Hopes and Realities (out of print)
NIAP Policy Paper No.4

Maji,C. C. and A. Bhattacharya1995
32. Research Priorities in Indian Agriculture
NIAP Policy Paper No.3

Jha,D., Praduman Kumar, Mruthynjaya, Suresh Pal, S. Selvarajan, and Alka Singh1995
33. Production Prospects and Constraints to Higher Productivity of Pulses in Madhya Pradesh (Edited by C.C. Maji and Rasheed Sulaiman, V.)
NIAP Policy Paper No.2

Pant,S. P.1995
34. Impact of Tenancy Reforms on Production and Income Distribution - A Case Study of Operation Barga in West Bengal (Edited by C. C. Maji and Rasheed Sulaiman, V.)
NIAP Policy Paper No.1

Pal,Sasanka S1995
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