JHA Memorial Lectures

S.No. Title Speaker Year
1. 12th Prof. Dayaatha Jha Memorial Lecture Prof. Rajeev Kumar 2019
2. 11th Prof. Dayaatha Jha Memorial Lecture Prof. Sachin chaturvedi 2018
3. Agricultural in the current context – Opportunities and Challenges Dr. Harsh Kumar Bhanwala 2017
4. Doubling farmers Income: Where and how it is Possible? Prof. Ramesh Chand 2016
5. Development, Inclusion and Climate Change: India’s Multiple Imperatives Dr. Kirit S. Parikh 2015
6. India’s Economic Growth During the Last Two Decades: Issues of Inclusiveness and Sustainability Prof. T.S. papola 2014
7. Inclusive Growth : Reflection on Concept and Indian Experiences Prof. Sukhadeo Thorat 2013
8. Agricultural Prices and Markets: The Most Contested Issues Prof. R. S. Deshpande 2012
9. Agricultural Issues for 12th Plan Prof. Abhijit Sen 2011
10. Common Property Resources: Issues and Perspectives Dr. N. S. Jodha 2010
11. Emerging Trends in Indian Agriculture Ashok Gulati 2009
12. Challenges for Revival of Indian Agriculture S Mahendra Dev 2008
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