Agricultural Knowledge Management Unit

The advent of information age has thrown upon new challenges and opportunities for Indian agriculture. With revolution in information technology, access to desired information by scientists and research managers has assumed paramount importance. With this in view, AKMU is trying to integrate information system and databases through an electronic network linking NARS institutions to support planning and management of agricultural research. The AKMU came into being in the terminal years of VIII FiveYear Plan. At present AKMU is equipped with necessary hardware and software. The goal of AKMU is to strengthen Information management culture using modern tools within the NARS so that the agriculture research becomes more efficient and effective. The major objectives are:
1. To put information close to scientists and managers
2. To build capacity to organize, store, retrieve and use relevant information into agricultural research infrastructure
3. To share information over national agricultural research system
4. To improve capacity to plan, execute, monitor and evaluate research programs

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